Bundjalung Ti-Tree Lake - Suffolk Park


  • Located on Tallow Beach between Suffolk Park & Broken Head
  • Natural dunal ti-tree lake
  • Great family spot for kids of all ages
  • Perfect for pottering, paddling and swimming


General Information

Located on Tallow Beach between the southern end of Suffolk Park and Broken Head is a stunning natural dunal ti-tree lake. There are various pathways to the lake from nearby accommodation but the main route and entrance way is found along the beach. If you are in the car, you can either park at Broken Head and walk up the beach or park in one of the small beachfront car parks at the southern end of Alcorn Street and walk down from there.

The Lake itself is completely hidden from view and it is only when you follow the natural inlet from Tallow Beach;  which depending on a combination of the tides and rainfall and can differ vastly in terms of  being a dry sandy shallow basin to a meandering creek which  practically reaches the ocean,  that you round the corner to behold the extent of its natural beauty and size.

The copper coloured lake is permanently discoloured by ti-tree tannins from the trees that surround the lake. The ti-tree infused water is said to have therapeutic  and rejuvenating properties and is a sacred and traditional site for the local indigenous Bundjalung women.

The lake itself is generally a peaceful and idyllic spot with often only a couple of other people there at any one time but the sandy shallow inlet that leads in from the beach is a perfect spot for little ones to potter and paddle at leisure. Although a bit disconcerting as you can’t see the bottom, you can comfortably wade out quite a way into the lake and still only be waist to chest deep. Warm – like a bath – in summer and as you round the corner it provides a welcome retreat from the northerly winds that frequently buffet the open beach.  This is a special lake with welcoming  calm waters and the  perfect hidden retreat from a blustery beach day.

Note – the photos in the gallery were taken on a sunny ‘winter’s day in August 2015 at the inlet which is full. I am trying to source my previous summer photos of the lake to add to the mix!

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