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2021 Winter School Holiday Fun in Byron and Ballina Shires

Once again, the school holidays have rolled around and on the one hand they can’t come soon enough and yet on the other I feel like I need another week to get organised! Has anyone else felt that these last couple of weeks at school have felt more intense, with projects, performances and just generally (Read More)

SPRING 2020 School Holiday Fun in Byron Bay and Beyond!

I can’t quite figure out if I feel like the school holidays have come around really quickly or seem to have taken an age to arrive. On the one hand, it’s felt like forever since we’ve had a holiday – but that’s probably because we’ve not really been able to travel given the current situation. (Read More)

Byron4Kids – Going Forward

Hello everyone, It’s getting closer to school holidays. Queensland are in their first week and NSW public schools last day of term is this Friday 3 July. More and more places are opening their doors as restrictions lift and school holidays activities and events are being planned. Exciting stuff! I have some news too (no, (Read More)

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