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SPRING 2020 School Holiday Fun in Byron Bay and Beyond!

I can’t quite figure out if I feel like the school holidays have come around really quickly or seem to have taken an age to arrive. On the one hand, it’s felt like forever since we’ve had a holiday – but that’s probably because we’ve not really been able to travel given the current situation. (Read More)

Byron4Kids – Going Forward

Hello everyone, It’s getting closer to school holidays. Queensland are in their first week and NSW public schools last day of term is this Friday 3 July. More and more places are opening their doors as restrictions lift and school holidays activities and events are being planned. Exciting stuff! I have some news too (no, (Read More)

Return to normal or a new normal?

Hello there! How’s it all going? I don’t personally believe things will ever ‘return to normal’. I am more of the opinion that there will remain a ‘new normal’ that will keep adjusting as we – collectively – try to find a balance. I’ve had some time to reflect (more so since my kids went back (Read More)

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