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Ideas for family fun during school holiday lockdown

When lockdown  for Byron Shire LGA was announced on Tuesday afternoon,  I  felt really disheartened and angry. I’s taken me  a couple of days to channel that energy into something more beneficial. In fact it was an unexpected telephone conversation with a friend who has been and still is in lockdown in Sydney with her (Read More)

2021 Spring School Holiday Fun in Byron and Ballina Shires

Hello everyone, What a tough month we’ve all just endured.  Firstly, congratulations for being the best that you could be in this crazy time. Everyone’s best looks different, and even ‘your best’ can be radically different every day for the same person. I was shocked at how flat I was after the initial snap lockdown (Read More)

2021 Winter School Holiday Fun in Byron and Ballina Shires

Once again, the school holidays have rolled around and on the one hand they can’t come soon enough and yet on the other I feel like I need another week to get organised! Has anyone else felt that these last couple of weeks at school have felt more intense, with projects, performances and just generally (Read More)

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