The Girl to Woman Festival - Lennox Head

Sunday 21 January 2018 Doors open: 9.30am, starts: 10am


  • Raising awareness of the challenges and issues girls face today
  • A celebration of how amazing girls truly are
  • Presentations & Workshops
  • Market Stalls & Activities
  • Concert & Festival Celebration


General Information

The Girl to Woman Festival – Respect and Celebrate

A festival that raises awareness in Respect to the issues and challenges girls and young women face today while Celebrating in full how amazing girls and young women truly are.

After 400+ people attended the inaugural Girl to Woman Festival in Lennox Head, the word from the local community was clear, more programs and events like this are needed. With an expanded program Girl 2 Woman will be held at Lennox Head Community and Cultural Centre on 21 January 2018  and is open to all.


The Girl to Woman Festival is for girls and young women of all ages, with activities and workshops specifically aimed to support girls from  8 years old up to young women in their early twenties.

This event is also an amazing opportunity for families and friends to experience and learn about the pressures that girls and women can be faced with as well as the amazing inner-qualities they hold.

As members of the community we all have an important role to play to support girls and women to truly be confident, be themselves and be untainted by the many pressures they experience today.

The information shared in the various presentations and workshops on the day are designed to help support not only girls and young women, but also the wider community, to hold girls and young women in the celebration, grace, preciousness, strength and power that they truly are.

The Girl to Woman Festival provides forums, workshops and discussion groups for girls, young women and the whole community to come together and look at the issues that are affecting us all, by virtue of the fact that they are impacting the young women in our lives.

At the same time, a number of all-ages activities on the day will provide an environment where young people can come and parents can bring their children to simply enjoy a day connecting. Perfumed body cream making workshops, a true beauty tent, a singing and expression workshop, beading, a nail painting station and a nurture tent (with free massage for parents) will be offered on the day.

And forget the fairy floss; super tasty treats and nourishing food will be available from the Belle General and Belle Central cafes and Nourish Bulk Health Organics at special Girl to Woman Festival prices (read: affordable for families)

Date: Sunday 21 January 2018. Doors open: 9.30am, starts: 10am

Venue: Lennox Head Cultural & Community Centre, Lennox Head NSW

1 x Young Woman’s Ticket 8-18yrs (includes 1 FREE Gift Bag for first 150 online bookings) $15 $25 for 2 Tickets
1 x Child/Student Ticket 8-18yrs or student over 18 yrs (3rd child free) $15 $25 for 2 Tickets
1 x Adult  $22.24 $35.57 for 2 Adults
Under 8s  No Charge

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