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Business Details

  • Art Studio located at 11/18 Centennial Cct on Byron Bay’s Arts and Industry Estate
  • Term based pre school and after school hands on creative workshops where children create a colourful world of wonder
  • Each  class stimulates a child’s imagination in a playful, colourful and completely hands on way
  • The MMC team are trained in child safety & risk management, with first aid & working with children certificates, police checks and a genuine passion for working with children

General Information

Within every child is an unabashedly creative being who sees the world through a limitless imagination. To witness a child absorbed in the creative process, committed totally to self-expression and exploration is awe-inspiring. But let’s face it, as schedules become increasingly busy and school’s budgets continually shrink, it is our children’s creative expression that takes the cut. This is where workshops like Meet Make Create fill the gap.

“Meet Make Create is a fun space where kids can tap into their inner-artists, they are working side-by-side with other children, making friends and learning along the way,” says founder and mother-of-three Nikki Buckland. “I love seeing their sense of pride and accomplishment when mum or dad comes to pick them up. It’s like they’ve grown a little each time they exercise their creative independence, taking small steps to problem-solve within the creative process. It really boosts their confidence.”

But it doesn’t stop there; respected Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist Samantha Daley said children who participated in creative workshops like Meet Make Create were more likely to perform everyday tasks with ease. She said, “Engaging in fine motor activities with a visual perceptual component such as art classes are crucial for a child’s brain development as this ensures daily tasks such as tying your shoelaces, brushing your teeth and using a knife and fork are performed with little effort and exertion. Painting pictures and manipulating art and craft materials increase sensory feedback through the use of different textures and colours, which are crucial for a child’s brain development.”

Each week, Meet Makes Create offers both a primary school class and a pre-school class.  MMC’s term-based program incorporates a variety of art techniques including painting, drawing, crafting, sculpture and textiles. Designed to suit all levels and ages, each class stimulates a child’s imagination in a playful, colourful and completely hands-on way. Parents of pre-schoolers are encouraged to join their child for a 45-minute session of Meet Make Create creative fun. While primary school aged children participate in 90-minute sessions, all of which are conveniently sibling-friendly. Our teachers are trained to recognise and work with children with special needs, as children of all abilities are welcome at Meet Make Create.

Meet Make Create also provides the crafty entertainment for your next birthday party. Forget the sugar filled goodie bags – the kids creation becomes their take home thank you from the host and they will work with you to create the perfect entertainment for your child’s next party!

For further details visit or find them on Facebook:  or Instagram: Alternatively, you can email them at [email protected]




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