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Business Details

  • Located at 32 Corkwood Crescent, Suffolk Park.
  • French classes for all kids age starting from 4 and all levels from beginners.
  • French tutoring and other private classes for high school students and adults.
  • Classes are taught by a French native teacher.

General Information

Here is a great opportunity for your child to start learning a second language by joining our engaging and entertaining French classes taught through play-based activities (songs, games, role play and story-telling).

We also provide French tutoring classes for high school students beginning French, preparing an exam or planning to undertake an exchange program in a French-speaking country. We finally organise private classes for adults to prepare for a trip abroad or who are simply passionate about the French culture.

Why learning a second language at an early age?

Research studies show that learning an additional language increases children’s self-confidence, critical thinking, creativity and flexibility of the mind. It improves cognitive skills that will help them at school in reading, writing and maths. Finally, it exposes children from a young age to different cultures opening their mind and fostering tolerance and respect to others.

Young children are happy to try out new sounds and words without fearing embarrassment.  They are naturally better than adults to pick up and mimicking different tones, sounds and pronunciations, thus learning to speak a foreign language with a native-like accent.

Our French childhood education programme:

Children learn best when they have fun. Our classes are based on play-like activities such as songs, games, story-telling and role play. We use prompts such as balls, soft toys, puppets, toy-based cooking utensils, food and laminated colour images of objects and animals make learning fun.

Classes are run in small groups fostering participation and interaction. This way, we can also plan our activities based on each pupil best learning style.

Private lessons for older kids of all levels from beginners are also provided.

Our French tutoring and other private classes:

Private classes are tailored to meet high school student’s language goals, interests and needs. They help students to build confidence to understand and speak French, develop everyday French expressions and vocabulary, refine pronunciation and improve grammar.

Private French classes for adults of all levels from beginners are also provided.

We use role play, podcasts, and printed materials and develop our own audio recorded materials to discuss themes of interest that students select based on their objectives and needs.

For more information and class excerpt through videos visit:
For enquiries and bookings contact Helene: [email protected] or Mobile: 0402 072 598

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