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  • Delightful & enchanting fairy houses to be discovered around Brunswick Heads
  • Click through to General Information for Fairy Trail clues!
  • Map of clues can also be found in Brunswick Heads Visitors Centre
  • Make your own fairy B&B!


General Information

Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail

An enchanting initiative created by Brunswick Heads resident Fairy Grandmother, Fairy Houses have been popping up all over the beautiful beachside town since September 2015.

Many families love to holiday in Brunswick Heads and it has been discovered that Fairies love to come here too, some to live, and some to holiday in Airy Fairy B and B’s.

The Fairy Grandmother’s aim for the Fairy Trail is to connect children to the natural world and inspire them to play imaginative games in any surroundings using the things they can find.

Would you like to see some of their hidey places? Follow the clues…

You can get the clues at The Visitor Centre in Park Street, but if they are shut, you may like to follow these clues on your phone.

Go to the main surf beach and stop near the lifeguard’s tower, and by the path you will see a fairy lighthouse under a tree.
And at the sea end of the footbridge in the shady glade is the dear little house that Melaleuca fairy made.

Please please don’t touch Melaleuca’s house,
There is a little fairy village below it where you can touch and play, and make a fairy house from stones and bark.

Above Melaleuca’s house, high in the trees
see the mirror house of Maya Elizabeth and Pandanna fairy.

Across the footbridge, in the playground in a fig, Freddy and Figgy fairy live.
Sh! Their home is their castle where they sleep all day till silver starlight sings them out to play. Please be quiet as a mouse and never ever touch their house.

Along the Terrace in The Big Fish lives Cecilia the Music Fairy, her house is in a magic guitar that is lit at night, and lovely by day.

Near the fire station on Fingal Street, a tiny fire station in a tree!
It’s the home of the fiery fairy.
Look above, and if you’re in luck, you might spot the fairy fire truck.

Nearby is Jojo the wildlife fairy. At the police station under the sign is Polly The Helper’s bright green house. Can you find it?

Across the road lives Abacus the counting fairy. Can you find her pretty house?

Next to the Post Office is a corridor with post boxes in it. This is where the darling Post Office fairy lives.

Along the street lives Amanuensis the fairy scribe. She copies and writes for the Brunzfairy tribe.

In the park beside the library you will find Nanny Annie’s house and Gum Blossom’s house.
Then pop into the library, and have a look,
Can you find the fairy reading nook? (Hint: it’s in a book)

Cap’n Pete lives in the Visitors Centre in Parkes Street.
He fixes the Fairy fishing fleet and
tells the fairies where to fly to airy fairy B &B’s when they visit Cap’n Pete’s Fairy Chandlery.
Can you spot the flying fairy fishing boats in the Visitor Centre?

Across the road outside Fabulous Mrs Fox,
lives a darling fairy who really rocks.
Helianthus is her name.

Go back to Fingal Street, and pop inside Michaela’s Hair and Beauty Salon…..there is an Airy Fairy Hair Salon.
Then pass the hall, and stop at The Brunswick Heads Picture House
Can you find the house of Miss Julianna Chookas, “La Fee Magique”, world famous cabaret fairy?
Miss Chookas lives here when she is not on tour, so please drop by and say Bonjour!

Now near a white timber fence and a gate in a wall, the lovingest fairy of them all, don’t forget to say hello to Metta, the fairy from Tibet.

Then walk very slowly and look down low and you will see
Sugarbag Fairy behind a low stone fence at the base of a wrinkled old tree.

Around the next corner and over the road (at the crossing of course),
You will find Clem’s Cargo a treasure trove of curios.
Inside the shop, I wonder if you’ve seen her….the recycling fairy: Clementina.
Can you find her glittery house? (Clem’s is closed Monday and Tuesdays)

Now if you are hot and heading for a swim
you might look about before you hop in.
On the path to Torakina, is Protea fairy’s house.
It is the last you will see darling friends,
before you go swimming in the sea.

Fairies love to come and holiday in Brunz because its soooo beautiful and lots of fun. They often look out for places to stay, and you can help them by making an airy fairy B & B. You may like to make your own fairy house, with things you find in nature. Fairies love all things natural, and they like to have houses tucked away in nooks and crannies.
The fairy trail sometimes gets disturbed by possums, strong winds or naughty pixies….if you see anything that looks like it needs fixing, please ask your big people to call or text 0428 284 030 and let the fairy grandmother know so that she can go and make repairs. She would also love to receive any curious and interesting things that she could use to make more airy fairy B & B’s- you can leave them at The Visitor Centre.

Fairies love to come and holiday in Brunswick Heads  because of its beauty and soothing nature. They often look out for places to stay, and you can help them by making an airy fairy B & B. You may like to make your own fairy house with things you find in nature. Fairies love all things natural and they like to have houses tucked away in nooks and crannies. They also love to dance and play wild fairy games on the beach. Maybe when you have been walking on the beach very early in the morning you have seen their little fairy circles of shells and treasures from the sea? Perhaps you could make a fairy dancing circle?

A Fairy post box is located within the Brunswick Heads Visitors Centre on Park Street so that children can leave letters for their favourite fairies and get a reply.

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